BOLD’s yearly event titled “Women of Inspiration Award” will be held on 25 August 2017 at Spectra Convention Center, Gushan-1, Dhaka which will be taking place from 6 PM to 9 PM followed by dinner.
BOLD will present “Women of Inspiration Awards” to recognize successful woman leaders who are role models in Bangladesh in different categories i.e. Academia, Technology Community Services, Art & Culture, Financial Sector, Beauty, Telecommunications and in many other areas.

BOLD will recognize, Women of Inspirations through awards who have demonstrated the below in their journey to excellence:
1. Generated a positive influence on the community
2. Established the application of creativity in solving problems and overcoming challenges
3. Demonstrated commitment to the highest ethical standards in their all through journey
4. Walked extra miles and came out of the comfort zone and made the nation proud by thier extra ordinary achievements and contributions in their respective fields
5. Provided service as mentor of trusted advisor to thier collegaues and others

Program Agenda
1. Opening Speech by Host
2. keynote Speaking by Dignitary
3. Panel Discussion on “Women in Leading Change: Challenges & Solutions for Better Bangladesh”
4. Women of Inspiration Awards Presentation
5. Musical Performance and Cultural Show
6. Dinner
7. Vote of Thanks
8. Closing Remarks


For Early Bird registration, from 2nd August within 10th August, please bkash Taka 1020/= and for regular registration, from 11th August, 2017 within 20th August, please bkash Taka 1120/= at 01711561861 and sms the transaction ID to Mr. Sahed Hossain Mazumder , cell number: 01611146206 or email to Any BOLD members can register for him/ herself and register for maximum two guests on the event. For any query, please communicate with Mr. Sahed , cell number: 01611146206

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